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PowerSecure - Dead Cell Phones? Meet PowerSecure

Cell Phones - they are our companion, our connection to our friends, and sometimes even our safe ride home. In just a few short years they have rocketed to the top of our most necessary items to have with us at all times - but what happens when the battery dies?

PowerSecure steps in!

REVENUE -  Raise revenue at no cost to you! Customers stay longer and spend more money with an average charging time of 43 minutes. Receive a revenue share of every phone charged and even advertise specials and future events on the 19" touch screen. 

ELIMINATE -  The burden, hassle, and liability of charging your customers phones!

EXPERIENCE -  Customers have a better experience with a charged phone.

SUPPORT -  Live 24/7 American based customer support.

Damen Enterprises is a wholly owned subsidiary of Big Time Vending. Exploring new and innovative vending ideas for the internet generation.

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