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Your Safety is our Priority

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Taking care of our clients - and our clients customers is our guiding principle. It is what has been guiding our business since we first opened our doors over 25 years ago, and remains true to this day - even in these incredibly trying times. Thats why over the coming days you will begin to see stickers like this appearing on machines at your location. We are already taking the following actions:

During each servicing - our machines are extensively disinfected using EPA registered disinfectants. The final step in the disinfectant process is applying P&G Microban 24 for continuous virus protection in-between service calls.

We are working with our location partners to encourage them to add our machines to their disinfecting routine - and to report any problems to us immediately. 


All staff is required to wear masks when on location servicing machines.


We are working with our location partners to encourage social distancing while waiting in line to use machines, particularly at our break room locations.

All machines that feature a credit card reader have been enabled to accept touchless payments including Apple / Android Pay. 

We are still focusing our efforts on keeping essential businesses stocked, and you will even begin to see fabric Masks offered amongst the selection of other items in our machines. We are working hard on preparing machines for our seasonal accounts and are currently targeting Drop-offs to finish about June 1st - however this date may change based on guidance from local public health authorities.

Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 1.55.37 AM.png
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