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The future of Theme ParkVending

Watch the video above to learn about the SnaxMAX

The SnaxMAX is poised to revolutionize Theme Park and large scale venue vending. It is available at absolutely no cost to you from the experts in Theme Park Vending, and you get a revenue share of every single product sold.

REVENUE -The SnaxMAX drives profit to your business with a revenue share of every product sold!

The LED display can even display advertisements to generate an additional revenue stream for your venue in addition to the revenue share from snack sales.

BRANDING -The SnaxMAX is an indoor / outdoor refrigerated vending machine that is completely customizable with your branding.


LIVE LED Display - An optional LED display at the top connects to the internet to bring up to the minute information to the display keeping customers engaged. Our proprietary system can interface with your wait time API and even display ride wait times, or any other information you choose.

Transparency -The SnaxMAX reports every single transaction automatically to a system powered by USA Technology - log in from anywhere at anytime to generate reports, view statistics and more.

3D Vending is a wholly owned subsidiary of Big Time Vending. As our R&D division, it empowers us to stay on the bleeding edge of vending. 3D Vending lives by these principles that are its namesake:

Dream- We believe you must not limit yourself, but look to infinity for truly revolutionary ideas.

Develop- We engineer each of our products to survive the real world. 

Deliver- We must deliver the legendary quality our customers have come to expect, time and time again. 

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